We Deliver

How it works

1. Initial Contact:
• The sender and recipient establish contact and discuss the details of the car delivery, including the delivery date, delivery address, and vehicle information.

2. Agreement:
• Both parties review and agree upon the terms of the Car Delivery Agreement, including the responsibilities, insurance, and indemnification clauses. Download and sign and email it back to us.

3. Vehicle Preparation:
• The sender ensures that the vehicle is in good working condition, performs any necessary maintenance, and gathers all required documents, keys, and accessories.

4. Insurance:
• The sender maintains valid insurance coverage for the vehicle until the time of delivery. The recipient is responsible for obtaining insurance coverage from the moment of delivery.

5. Scheduling Delivery:
• The sender and recipient agree on a specific delivery date and time that is convenient for both parties.

6. Acceptance:
• If there are no issues or damages reported within the specified timeframe (as mentioned in the Car Delivery Agreement), it is assumed that the recipient has accepted the vehicle in good condition.

7. Delivery Confirmation:
• The sender and recipient sign a delivery confirmation document, acknowledging that the vehicle has been successfully delivered and accepted.

Note: The above steps are a general guideline for a car delivery process. It is important for the sender and recipient to communicate effectively and adhere to any additional legal requirements or specific instructions agreed upon between both parties.